GoingEnglish isn’t just online learning. We have a formula… and it works! More than 94% of our students achieve their goals.

Individual approach

  • Every student is unique and has unique needs. We adjust to your learning pace, expectations and goals.
  • You can choose the tutor(s) you need.
  • Each student is treated individually. A tailor-made plan is created for every member of GoingEnglish.
  • Every student receives “The Action Plan” for every day and regular homework.
  • Only individual (1:1) classes.

You are not alone

  • Each tutor acts as a guide.
  • We motivate and inspire students to explore the world of English themselves.
  • Our role is to give the proper guidance to help students achieve their goals.
  • You will have constant access to your tutor.
  • Your homework will be corrected with immediate teacher feedback.

Flexibility. You manage your pace

  • Choose the day and time of the lesson.
  • Start lessons at any time.
  • Suspend classes and come back after a break.
  • Work from your home or office.
  • Decide when you want to work.
  • Connect to GoingEnglish through your desktop, mobile or tablet.

Focus on results

  • Our common purpose is to achieve your personal learning goals. Follow your customised study programme and stick to The Action Plan. We guarantee tangible results!
  • We measure your progress throughout the learning process and create individual reports on the progress you have made.
  • Every minute spent learning English is a step closer to become bilingual.

Immersion experience

  • From the moment you become a member of GoingEnglish, English will surround you everywhere, every day
  • ENGLISH IS THE ONLY LANGUAGE spoken with our tutors.