Hey! Are you one of those people who took part in our 21-day challenge? It has changed lives of hundreds of students allowing them to speak English just after 21 days!

Now, we give you the possiblity not only to speak English in 21 days, but BE FLUENT IN 63 DAYS. HOW? Thanks to our super intensive 63-day programme and sessions with our teachers!

We test your level before and after the 63-day training.

IT’S NOT A TYPICAL LANGUAGE COURSE! It’s the most intensive language training that you will ever have in your life!

NOTE! There’s a limited number of people who can attend this course.

!! Are you motivated? Want to be fluent in a super short time? Set your goal and make it come true. Don’t wait for things to happen. Enrol now and create what you want to achieve for yourself. You are responsible for your own life. You are in charge of your success. Aim for unreachable and in 63 days you’ll get there. It’ll be hard and intensive but worth the effort.

This course is what leads to success.

Don’t waste this opportunity – make the most of it and BECOME FLUENT!


It’s not a typical language course! This is the most intensive language training that you will ever have in your life!

Personalised ebook with 63 super intensive sessions for every day adapted to your needs, interests and level (=full immersion)
18 individual sessions with 2 native English teachers (2 hours/week)
24/7 help with English (emergency)
– GoingEnglish certificate – proves your knowledge and builds your resume.

63 intensive sessions – via natural approach: a complete list of activities to do every day at home (materials included). You get full immersion.
18 sessions with two native English teachers – communication classes, incl. speaking and presentation skills, building vocabulary, bits of grammar, culture.

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Fluent in 63 days

1000per programme

What our students say

The level I started with: intermediate
My level after 63 days: advanced :)
It was intensive, but Agnieszka was checking up on me regularly and motivating me (she’s the one writing the ebook). I told what topics interest me and Agnieszka chose the materials according to my preferences and level. This is what makes this course so enjoyable. I also had 2 meetings (1.5h each) every week with 2 teachers. It was one of the greatest courses I’ve ever attended. GREAT JOB!
I loved the course! I started with upper-intermediate level and finished with advanced. It is as intensive as they say, I mean it – in the middle of the course I was begging for a break 😉 Now I see the results and could not be happier. I am talking with my English-speaking colleagues freely, it feels great to finally talk with people without thinking of grammar and vocabulary. Highly recommendable!
5* course, I enjoyed my ebook (very interesting materials perfect for my level) and had two wonderful teachers.
My level before the course: A1/A2 (beginner/lower intermediate)
My level after the course: B2 (upper intermediate)
José Manuel