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Chris is a pronunciation coach at GoingEnglish. We love him for his big heart, sensitivity and a beautiful (really beautiful!) accent. We’re very happy that Chris is a member of our super team - he’s simply THE BEST in his field. Chris is bilingual - he studied French at the University of London, holds CELTA and IPA certificate of Proficiency in the Phonetics of English. He’s from the UK and loves teaching - just like the rest of us! If you want to speak like BBC presenters or Royal Family, you couldn’t find a better person! Chris teaches pronunciation to students of English language, English learners and teachers. TRY HIM!

Name: Chris

Nationality:  British

Pronunciation: British RP (Natively, the accent of South-West England)

Languages: English (native), French (advanced), German, Hebrew, Italian (basic)

Education: BA (Hons) French 2(i), CELTA, IPA Certificate

Teaching Specialties: Speech and Pronunciation

ESP (English for Special Purposes): Giving presentations

Teaching Experience: Elocution / Pronunciation, Exam Preparation, Invigilation and Marking, Teacher Training.

Interests: Reading & Creative Writing, Music (listening and playing), Roleplaying and Drama, Cycling, Gardening, Cooking, Psychology, Philosophy, Science and Language(s).

What he teaches

English for Life

  • General Pronunciation Training
  • Academic Pronunciation Training
  • Professional Pronunciation Training

English for Work

  • General Pronunciation Training
  • Professional Pronunciation Training

English for Play

  • General Pronunciation Training

Chris’s Blog posts

912, 2015

What is Received Pronunciation and how to speak it?

by Chris, Accent Coach at GoingEnglish
As with most – if not all – languages around the world, English has standard versions. Two of the best-known are General American and General Australian English. However, there being standard […]

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