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1810, 2015


GE Assistant Professor
Angel is an assistant professor at GoingEnglish. We love her for her angelic name, sense of humour and laughter.
She infects everybody with her energy and positive attitude. She is not only a very knowledgable and intelligent person, but also super funny. We promise you won’t stop laughing throughout the lesson, you’ll love Angel just as much as we do! [...]
1410, 2015


GE Professor
Paul is a professor at GoingEnglish. We love him for his passion for English language teaching. Paul holds a PhD degree from Shakespeare Institute (UK) and is madly in love with literature, English language and all that it involves. He’s originally from the US but currently lives in the UK where he helps university students improve their writing skills and excel at college or university. Want to be the best student? Choose Paul! [...]
810, 2015


GE Assistant Professor
Melissa is an assistant professor at GoingEnglish. We love Melissa for her creativity, smile and a positive outlook on life. She is full of ideas and brings a breath of fresh air to our team. Melissa was born in South Korea. She moved to the USA when she was a baby and after many adventures she'd had, she finally landed in Portugal. The story of her life is very interesting, just ask her about it! Lessons with Melissa are one of a kind: want to take a walk in Lisbon or have a cooking class in English? Melissa makes the impossible POSSIBLE. [...]
1412, 2014


GE Assistant Professor
Phil is an Assistant Professor at GoingEnglish. We love him for his infectious smile and outgoing approach to each class. His philosophy is, to learn a language, you have to use it! You can’t simply learn from a book. As a TEFL certified English teacher and a public speaking coach, his classes mix a unique blend of presentation and speaking skills while using the English language. Born and raised in the UK, Phil specialises in English for businesses having taught at various international cooperation’s and enterprises, he also teaches at a university level. Are you preparing for an exam? Phil is ready and willing to share some “secret” tips to help you ace that English exam and blow your examiners away! If you want to have fun, learn loads and end each class with the feeling you are one step closer to your goal, contact Phil right away. [...]
1412, 2014


GE Assistant Professor
Justin is an Assistant Professor at GoingEnglish. We love Justin for his unique teaching style that combines academic rigor and a larger-than-life sense of humor. He has many dear friends from all around the world who he has helped develop English skills and to acclimate to life in the USA. Therefore, we want you to look upon Justin as a close ally on your personal and professional journey. He loves seeing the people he works with achieve their maximum potential, so Justin will work with you not only on your English grammar and composition, but also on professional development, business skills, public speaking, presentations, and interviewing in the American professional world. [...]