Everyone needs to speak English.
You have to speak it too!

We don’t care where you learn English. Just learn it!

Super busy? Never enough time? We’ll fit into your busy life!

English for Life

  • English for you and your life.
  • Learning at all levels.
  • English is everywhere. You’ll need it to communicate with others when travelling, studying at university, watching films or reading books.

English for Work

  • English for companies and individuals who need it for work.
  • Do you really want to do something in business? If you do, you need English.
  • Learn English – make your company powerful and diverse!

English for Play

  • English for teenagers and children.
  • Childhood is the best time to learn languages.
  • Learning doesn’t have to be boring – it can be engaging, entertaining and fun.
  • Give your child the chance to be bilingual!

Meet the Team

We’d love to meet you! Go ahead and check us out – we’ve prepared videos for you!


GE Pronunciation Coach
Chris is a pronunciation coach at GoingEnglish. We love him for his big heart, sensitivity and a beautiful (really beautiful!) accent. We’re very happy that Chris is a member of our super team - he’s simply THE BEST in his field. Chris is bilingual - he studied French at the University of London, holds CELTA and IPA certificate of Proficiency in the Phonetics of English. He’s from the UK and loves teaching - just like the rest of us! If you want to speak like BBC presenters or Royal Family, you couldn’t find a better person! Chris teaches pronunciation to students of English language, English learners and teachers. TRY HIM!


GE Assistant professor
David is an assistant professor at GoingEnglish. We love him for his openness, sense of humour and a beautiful smile. Raised bilingually by Puerto Rican parents in the United States, David is fluent in both English and Spanish. He also acquired fluency in Portuguese while studying abroad in Minas Gerais, Brazil. David also specializes in translation (English-Spanish) and interpreting, and recently graduated with an MA in Intercultural Communication, Public Service Interpreting and Translation. He helps students by putting himself in their mindsets and customizing lessons to fit their learning abilities and wants, simultaneously giving them the motivation and confidence needed to excel in English—all in an enjoyable, zealous, and efficient manner. [...]


GE Assistant Professor
Angel is an assistant professor at GoingEnglish. We love her for her angelic name, sense of humour and laughter.
She infects everybody with her energy and positive attitude. She is not only a very knowledgable and intelligent person, but also super funny. We promise you won’t stop laughing throughout the lesson, you’ll love Angel just as much as we do! [...]
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Going Formula

GoingEnglish isn’t just online learning. We have a formula… and it works! More than 94% of our students achieve their goals.

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I were very happy with my class in GoingEnglish because, they are a serious and professional teachers, they really care about you.
they´ll try you study what you need and you can be sure you will learn much. Thank to them, I passed my exam, now I have my certificate.
Jose Gordillo Fernandez, Sevilla
I passed my CAE exam with flying colours. I had lots of homework every week, plenty of mock exams which made me feel really comfortable with the exam structure. If I decide to take CPE, I’ll certainly choose GoingEnglish.
Karolina Taciak, Kraków
I´ve been learning English with GoingEnglish for about a year. The progress I´ve made seemed impossible to achieve a year ago. I passed two exams, including IELTS with 7.5/9, found a job and.. changed almost my whole life. I´m glad I chose them because they really want you to succeed, they motivate you when you´re down and push you to learn every day.
Carmen Garcia, Malaga
Classes with Agnieszka, it’s a real pleasure. Agnieszka has big experience at teach and she’s very well prepared for teach English and she has interesting learning materials. Classes are perfectly adapt to the needs of the student and the level of English.
She infects her students with the energy and humor,it goes without saying, that she likes her work, she loves to teach … My rating classes with Agnieszka, it’s the highest grade :)
Katarzyna Juszczyńska, Warszawa
I´m current student of GoingEnglish,I have the best teacher I could ever imagine.She has taught me a lot about pronunciacion and speaking.Our classes are a lot of fun:)
Julio Rodriguez, Barcelona
Best online classes I´ve ever had. I had pronunciation and speaking lessons. After a few months, I had an interview in English and got a dream job. My friends also learn with GoingEnglish. Great experience!
Juan Martin, Madrid